Kfir Itzhaki



Founder & Chief Instructor

Meet IDF sergeant first class Kfir Itzhaki, founder and Chief instructor of Instinct: Integrated Israeli Combatives.

  • L.L.B. (Bachelor Of Laws), The College of Management Academic Studies
  • Qualified NLP coach (Neuro-linguistic programming), Israeli Center For NLP
  • Former operational member in most elite Counter-Terrorism unit of the IDF
  • Former chief close quarter combat instructor for this unit
  • During his military career, carried out many operations where most of them were concluded by violent close up contact, during life risking situations
  • Active subject matter expert and senior advisor in reserves in this unit
  • Former security and Krav Maga instructor at the Israeli Court Security Academy
  • Has comprehensive experience in a variety of fields; during his work he has experienced countless civilian violent incidents in diverse arenas
  • Received a medal of honor from Israel’s chief of central region of Israel, for taking down a knife wielding terrorist in Israel, after stabbing 3 people
  • Received a medal of honor from Rishon LeZion’s chief of police, for preventing a rape of a girl by chasing the rapist and detaining him
  • Was chief of security for one of the largest nightclubs in Tel Aviv, and was in charge of various security infrastructures during special events that were held in Israel
  • Has personal experience in executive/VIP protection
  • Has had a lifelong career in a variety of martial arts
  • Second-degree black belt in Karate
  • Former IDF karate champion
  • Former Israel karate champion

Trainees and instructors wonder: Will we succeed using our techniques in real life?

This is the million dollar question…I have been through a lot of violent experiences. In the field, you freeze up, and before you realize you are in a real situation, you are stabbed. It´s hard for me to express how it feels in a real situation. I believe with a very specific training method it´s possible to succeed…When you react in training you react automatically. But in a real situation I think the body refuses to perform. Fear is stronger. Because of inadequate instruction, if you don´t really believe in your techniques, you´re not going to perform them in real life. This is the message for all instructors around the world. The key is to penetrate your trainees subconscious.