About Instinct

Our leading principles:

Professionalism and integrity

Theories are nice until they are put to the test. Yet, each trainee has the latent instincts to function well under multiple scenarios. Therefore, the most effective way is enhancing one’s natural instincts while training under real life full power conditions, not practicing techniques that only work in the gym. If you train in a manner that is incoherent with your instincts- there is a high likelihood that this would turn against you in real time.

We know what is essential /effective /lethal, and what is not.

Bottom line:  We know what does and doesn’t work in real life.


Hard work with correct guidance, built upon the foundations of tested techniques, and in-depth psychological understandings; this form of training has produced significant results in hundreds of civilians, combat operators and security personnel. The realization-Their readiness to a real fight was simply very high, and was well adapted to their specific needs.

Led by sergeant first class Kfir Itzhaki, Former operational member and chief close quarter combat Former operational member in most elite Counter-Terrorism unit of the IDF.

Instinct maintains the original meaning of the term “Special Forces”– a term that has been abused in the past couple of years.


Instinct Expertise Worldwide

Kfir ItzhakiFounder & Chief Instructor


Founder & Chief Instructor: Kfir Itzhaki


Jabotinsky St. 16
Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel



Armando Carriles SánchezHead Instructor Spain


Head Instructor: Armando Carriles Sánchez


c/ Argandona 15
Gijón, Spain





Benny MeyerHead Instructor Germany


Head Instructor: Benny Meyer


Schlangenbader Str. 13
Berlin, Germany





Our goal:

Teaching fighting skills, not fighting theories

We incorporate the best techniques from multiple martial disciplines. We teach realistic fighting skills, not martial arts. We cannot afford technical fixation. Our martial truth is characterized by technical and conceptual flexibility.

We believe in cooperation and in the abilities of the trainees as freethinking and open-minded individuals.