We focus on hard work with correct guidance, built upon the foundations of tested techniques, and in-depth psychological understandings.
This form of training has produced significant results in hundreds of civilians, combat operators and security personnel.

Our Training Programs


Law Enforcement



We know what is essential, effective or lethal and what is not.
We know what does and doesn’t work in real life.

Featured Media

Kfir Itzhaki, Founder of Instinct, neutralizes a knife terrorist in Israel. Kfir received a medal of honor and bravery for his actions from Israel Police.



Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan from the Australian “Krav Maga System’s talks to Kfir Itzhaki about his first hand experience stopping a knife wielding terrorist in Israel.

“He put his safety on the line to save those in need. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about what it takes to use KM in real life situations, what the implications are and how you can better prepare yourself through training”.



Our goal:

Teaching fighting skills, not fighting theories

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